Putting Performance in Your Hands

Whether you're looking for high-performance thrills or low-maintenance convenience, Subaru has a transmission that will fit your lifestyle and afford you the best driving experiences. We offer everything from the race-inspired 6-speed manual transmission to the new Lineartronic® CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), which offers new heights of efficiency and the same outstanding smoothness you expect from a Subaru.

The Continuously Variable Transmission

Smoother performance. Greater efficiency. You can have both with Lineartronic® CVT. This innovative transmission technology, now available on the redesigned 2010 Outback and Legacy, has been engineered to function perfectly with the SUBARU BOXER® engine and Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. What's more, its design is lightweight to help keep the vehicle agile, and compact to make the interior more spacious.

Automatic Mode

Lineartronic® CVT can reduce the amount you spend on fuel. Leave it in the Automatic mode, and the gearless transmission infinitely adjusts to match your acceleration needs -- thereby eliminating the need to shift, which preserves the vehicle's momentum that can be lost when a conventional automatic transmission shifts gears. Also, Lineartronic® CVT uses a step-less gear ratio, which allows your engine to run in its optimal power range for improved fuel economy and performance.

6-Speed Manual Mode

For a more engaged driving experience, Lineartronic® CVT comes standard with the 6-speed manual mode complete with paddle shifters mounted right at your fingertips. This system simulates the feeling of a 6-speed manual transmission by allowing you to manually select the gearing ratio that best fits your driving situation. It comes in handy for confidently merging onto the highway, passing other cars, or descending hills, as well as making the driving experience feel sharper and sportier.

4-speed Automatic Transmission

The smooth-shifting 4-speed automatic transmission offers ease and convenience, while providing reliable performance in varying conditions. And with manual shift mode technology, you'll be able to take manual control of the way the transmission shifts for times like when you're passing or climbing hills, and you really need access to power.

5-Speed A/T with manual shift mode

For the completely convenient yet thoroughly refined performance, the 5-speed automatic reliably keeps the action going in every driving condition. It provides smooth takeoffs and shifts. And with a 5th gear for highway driving, you can have quiet and efficient performance at highway speeds. Manual shift mode technology gives you the power to get involved in action whenever you need to by allowing you to manually control changes in gears.

5-Speed Manual Transmission

Featuring a dependable and lightweight design, the 5-speed manual transmission helps maximize fuel economy and puts you in command of how the engine performs -- enhancing the feeling of being in touch with your vehicle every moment you spend behind the wheel.

6-Speed Manual Transmission

This is what a performance transmission is supposed to be. The 6-speed manual transmission gives passionate drivers a wide gearing range to express and explore their personal driving style. While at the same time, it makes smooth and efficient driving easy. Coated synchro mesh gears help make shifts with this lightweight transmission quick and smooth for fluid and exciting acceleration.

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