Feel the Road

You may be looking for the extra ground clearance found on an Outback or a Forester, so you can navigate backroads and tackle tough weather conditions. Or you may want the edgy handling and dynamic cornering you get with a WRX or Legacy. Maybe you need a vehicle like a Tribeca, which can conquer city potholes without sending the groceries flying. Whatever your driving needs and desires, the 4-wheel independent suspension system found on every Subaru achieves a dynamic balance between smoothness and taut, responsive handling. Each offers a level of connectedness you'll only truly appreciate behind the wheel of one.

Spirited Handling

Eats up bumps in the road without upsetting the chassis and biting into your comfort and control. The double wishbone design rear suspension is fine-tuned to achieve the balance of sharp control and cool comfort that makes a Subaru fun not only on track days and weekend drives in the canyons, but fun and engaging every day. It even makes grocery runs and road trips easier; because its compact, low profile design helps us design a roomier cargo area.

Ruggedly Capable Suspension

When you've just got to get away from it all, the double wishbone design rear suspension can make every adventure more rewarding. Its smooth responsiveness helps tame the harshest of road surfaces. But because it reacts to bumps along the way without upsetting the balance and poise of the vehicle, you'll always feel in touch with the road and in control of your vehicle. What's more, the compact, low profile design of the rear suspension does not intrude into the rear cargo area, allowing more useful space, so it fits more gear more easily.

Sport-tuned Performance

Taking on some of the most challenging courses and competition in motorsport has helped Subaru develop a suspension system that gives you the control to take on the world's most challenging roads, but also handles everyday driving with laid back confidence. The 4-wheel independent suspension found on the Impreza WRX and WRX STI, and Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive gives you incredible agility combined with tenacious road grip.

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