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I began with the Young Automotive group in September of 2012 and have enjoyed every single day since. Subarus are my passion and the new ownership of the Ogden franchise has been a huge opportunity not only for the employees, but also the customers and Ogden City in general. I feel that I fit within the company very well. 

After graduating High School, I moved here to attend Weber State University in 2007. I have thoroughly enjoyed my attendance there and look forward to using my dual major undergraduate in Advanced Vehicle Systems/Technical Sales & Customer Service. This path was a great opportunity for me to use my excitement of automobiles and actually create a service for other people.

I purchased my first Subaru in January of 2008. That was my first winter experience as I grew up in North Texas. Seeing an ice storm 3-4 times in my life did not prepare me for driving in the snow. I owned a 2003 Honda Civic at the time and enjoyed the car a lot in warm Texas. However, the front wheel drive platform left something to be desired while trying to drive in the mountains of Utah and Colorado so that I could enjoy the best sport in the world - Snowboarding. After the purchase of my 2004 Impreza WRX wagon, I was in love. The addiction began. The second purchase was a 2000 Impreza 2.5RS coupe. Most recently, I have bought a 1998 Outback. I am now on Subaru #3 and planning the purchase of #4 currently.

I truly believe in these cars. They fit my active lifestyle perfectly and allow every activity that I can think of. From snowboarding in Eden to mountain biking in Moab, Subarus help me get there. While in your quest for the next vehicle in your family, you are certainly making a valuable decision by stopping by at Young Subaru to receive the best customer service and the highest quality product on the market.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting soon!
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 reviewed 4 months ago
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After looking at the normal choices of Toyota and Honda, my husband and I decided to check out the Subaru Outback. Our salesman, Clayton Sunley, was very enthusiastic and helpful. Talking with Clayton we found he owns two Subarus himself and that he was very knowledgeable about the company. We went to the dealership many times and always found him and the staff helpful with answering our questions. They never minded when we asked to do a couple more test drives. I definitely will buy another Subaru and it will definitely be bought at Young Subaru. AND I will definitely call Clayton to make sure he sells it to me.


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Fun, professional, knowledgeable, .....the epitome of the Subaru Brand and Subaru dealership in the Mountain West..... Ogden should be proud to have this dealership .....I highly recommend Clayton as your sales consultant....professional with all the right stuff .....Young Subaru has the best sales consultant in Utah.

Recommend this dealer? YesPurchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

My Wife and I have been researching and test driving cars for the last 2 years and finally decided it was time to purchase. Young Subaru was our last stop. Clayton S. was the salesperson to assist us. My Wife and I were very impressed with Clayton S.'s knowledge of Subaru's, including older models. I spend alot of time researching vehicles, and making decisions. I made several trips to Young Subaru to look at certain models, colors, and options. Clayton S. was always enthusiastic to assist us. We never felt pressured and all the salespeople were very helpful, as if they were one team working toward the same goal. This was the first time I experienced that at a dealership. We have been very happy with our purchase and would definitely purchase from Young Subaru again.

 out of 5.0

Helped me find the perfect car

by  from Salt Lake City, UT | 

Our salesman, Clayton, kept an eye out for exactly what I was looking for and got me the car I wanted for a great price. They're a little out of my way to take my car in for servicing, but everyone we worked with there was very helpful and knowledgeable.

 out of 5.0

Awesome car buying experience

by  from Clinton, UT | 

Young Subaru wasn't the only Subaru dealership I visited but it was the only one I even considered going back to after my initial visit. I actually ended up going to the dealership about every weekend for at least a month and each time I was treated outstandingly. I didn't feel like I was seen as a sale but as an actual person. The lot is also well organized and not overly crowded and the interior is upbeat and welcoming. I really did have the best car buying experience with Young Subaru. Not only did I get professionalism and answers to all my questions but I had fun as well. Clayton at Young Subaru treated me like I was his number one customer each time I was at the dealership. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely wanted to get me the best car for my needs. I have recommended not only Young Subaru to family, friends, and coworkers, but I have recommended Clayton personally as well. Everything describe above is the perfect recipe for a great car buying experience.