2013 Subaru Outback Review

Last weekend, I decided to take a road trip (Where better to relish my post-finals bliss than the majestic red city of Moab, Utah?) in a brand new 2013 Subaru Outback from Young Subaru.  My mom has driven Outbacks for years - she's on her fourth one now - and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  I'm presently a Subaru owner (of course), but the driving differences between my 2008 Impreza and the 2013 Outback were manifested as soon as I drove it off of Young Subaru's lot in Ogden, Utah.

My tendency to over-pack was no problem for the Subaru Outback.  It provided more than adequate cargo space for everything a vain and outdoorsy woman could dream of hauling with her - and then some.  The Outback accommodated all of my camping gear, along with an entire wardrobe's worth of luggage, with ease.  

Once on the road, the first thing I noticed was the Outback's incredibly smooth handling. It was easy to drive way too fast, because the car rode so comfortably.  That's where the standard cruise control came in handy.  The Outback's stability became especially important as I drove down the winding and mule-deer-filled highway on the way to Moab, Utah.  It hugged every curve, and I always felt like I was in control. 

As soon as I arrived and set out for adventure, the Outback's 8.7" of ground clearance turned out to be a huge plus.  While on the rugged dirt roads, I noticed that, aside from large SUV's and trucks, other Outbacks were the only vehicles voyaging into the rough territory.  It was easy to see why.  The 2013 Subaru Outback effortlessly traversed over scores of rocks and bumps in the backcountry.  I confidently went places I wouldn't dream of taking my Impreza, without any trepidation.

After the sun went down, the Outback's added moonroof instantly became one of my favorite features.  Billions of visible stars and the weekend's full moon made driving through Arches National Park - with a perfect view of the desert night sky - purely blissful.

I now fully appreciate the loyalty of the Subaru Outback drivers in my life.  It was comfortable, spacious, fun to drive, and proved exceptionally capable on rough terrain and winding roads.  Combine those attributes with Subaru's famous all-wheel drive, and you have the ideal vehicle for Utah's strong-featured geography and volatile weather. 


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