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Why I Own a Subaru

Author: Colt Treasure

I have always been a truck, luxury car or muscle car kind of guy. A Subaru was never on my radar to own - ever. I, along with many others, had the idea that a Subaru was for the hippie tree lovers or for the kids that dumped every last dollar into their supped up WRX. That all changed when 2 things came about - 1. I bought my wife a Subaru and 2...
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My 2015 Subaru Outback

Author: Clayton Sunley

I have been selling new cars at Young Subaru for over 30 months now. I love these cars..... Well, my fiance and I have finally pulled the trigger on a 2015 Subaru Outback Premium with the Eyesight/BSD&RCTA/Power lift-gate package (Option 14). The Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert has got be one of my favorite features of this new car!!! 
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Subaru it's what I love

Author: Bradlee Simmons   My Subaru passion began back in high school when a friend of mine got an Impreza WRX and I    couldn’t believe that there was this 4 door sedan that was turbocharged and all wheel drive. From there    I knew I would become part of the Subaru family one day.    Since then I have had two Outbacks and a Legacy and I couldn’t be happier with each one.  I    have gone to places and seen things that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with in any other vehicle.     Gro
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Why I drive an Outback

Author: Kelly Taylor   Mountain bikes, long boards, camping gear, skis, sleds, golf clubs, bags of soccer balls and cones for    practice, flags to display with the scouts…You name it, we haul it. Making our home at the base of these    beautiful Wasatch Mountains, we want to enjoy every bit of it! For our adventures, we chose a Subaru    Outback to get us there every time.   The very first day that I brought my new Outback home, I was informed that my son had flag duty with    the
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Subaru Adventures in Escalante

Rick Gerber, the Service Manager here at Young Subaru, lives his life on the edge.  Last weekend, while satisfying his penchant for adventure on a camping trip to Escalante, Utah, he stumbled across a family of fellow campers struggling to mend a broken tent pole.  Rick was able to assist with the repair of their pole -- by using only an aluminum can and some medical tape-- and then spend some time getting to know them.

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2013 Subaru Outback Review

Last weekend, I decided to take a road trip (Where better to relish my post-finals bliss than the majestic red city of Moab, Utah?) in a brand new 2013 Subaru Outback from Young Subaru.  My mom has driven Outbacks for years - she's on her fourth one now - and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  I'm presently a Subaru owner (of course), but the driving differences between my 2008 Impreza and the 2013 Outback were manifested as soon as I drove…

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Automotive Service Coupon Offer

One of the best deals in Ogden is Young Subaru's $100 off any service of $500 or more.  This is a 20% discount off any service and one of the best coupons that you can find if you need service on any make or model.  At Young Subaru they have one of the states largest parts warehouses that carries Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Kia, Subaru, Ford, and Saturn parts.  Making it one of the quickest…
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