Subaru it's what I love

Author: Bradlee Simmons
My Subaru passion began back in high school when a friend of mine got an Impreza WRX and I 
couldn’t believe that there was this 4 door sedan that was turbocharged and all wheel drive. From there 
I knew I would become part of the Subaru family one day. 
Since then I have had two Outbacks and a Legacy and I couldn’t be happier with each one.  I 
have gone to places and seen things that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with in any other vehicle.  
Growing up I always owned a Jeep, in my mind an off-road machine. Since studying on my own and 
doing little trials, with Subaru’s symmetrical all wheel drive, I am fully converted.  
I enjoy the mountains, going off the beaten path, having my dog ride in the back, taking off one 
weekend and just driving where ever I want.   Subaru has allowed me to be me, do  anything and go 
anywhere.  This is what Subaru embodies to me:
 Question: “What do you plan on doing with your new Subaru?
Response: (insert any statement here)
Reply: “Perfect it will do just that and surprise you the whole time you are doing it”
The great thing about owning Subaru’s is the family atmosphere, I go to the grocery store and a 
fellow Subaru owner comes up to me and asks how I like this brand new redesign, another drives up and 
waves; it’s like everyone knows you just because you own a Subaru. The facts are out there on build 
quality, the reliability, the innumerable  reviews are pasted all over the internet, but at the end of the 
day I love my Subaru because I drive it, I use it, and I enjoy every minute I’m in it.
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