Why I drive an Outback

Author: Kelly Taylor


Mountain bikes, long boards, camping gear, skis, sleds, golf clubs, bags of soccer balls and cones for 
practice, flags to display with the scouts…You name it, we haul it. Making our home at the base of these 
beautiful Wasatch Mountains, we want to enjoy every bit of it! For our adventures, we chose a Subaru 
Outback to get us there every time.
The very first day that I brought my new Outback home, I was informed that my son had flag duty with 
the scouts. “I’m taking my car, and we’re headed out,” my wife told me. I thought for sure that I could 
take my wife’s car instead of my shiny, new Subaru. I had just taken the stickers off, for heaven’s sake. I 
didn’t want to load up with smelly scouts for flag duty, but off we went. I grimaced a bit as we loaded 
the dusty tubes of flags…then the rusty, dirty rebar and tools followed…Mere hours after bringing it 
home, the Outback had been christened and was officially broken in. There was no looking back from 
When it comes time to load up and get on the road, everything that we need fits in the open hatch area 
in back. The boys keep it coming, and I keep loading. Sometimes, I am amazed by what will fit in there. 
The places we want to go aren’t always accessible on the paved roads, so it really comes in handy to 
have the ground clearance our Outback has. When the dirt road gets rocky, or when the snow piles high, 
I don’t hesitate to keep right on chasing our destination. We had to leave mom behind as she doesn’t 
like the idea, but my son and I went out after the most recent snow storm just to put it to the test - Ran 
through it like a champ!
Best of all, we get the comfortable, quiet ride of a car while enjoying the SUV capability. The only 
struggle we have is who gets to link up their phone and play their music selection. We’ll just have to take 
turns. I still have a few years before I’ll have to deal with the kids asking for their turn to drive. I do let 
my wife drive it from time to time, but it’s MY Outback!
I drive an Outback because it does it all.
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