Author: Juan Trejos

The first Subaru I owned was a 2013 WRX Wagon. The Blue Plasma Pearl was the color I chose because it was different than all the other Subarus out on the road.  I learned pretty quickly it was not just a car, but a lifestyle. One week into driving this vehicle, I had tons of people complimenting me on how nice my car was and I noticed that as I went on rides I would have other WRX owners wave to me as I passed them by. I began to meet other Subaru Owners that had as much passion for their cars as I did and gained some amazing friendships that all began because of the WRX that I own. One of the best things about owning a Subaru WRX is the fact that you can modify them very easily. I added several modifications that made my car even more fun to drive than before.  I loved this car so much that I purchased another Subaru, which is a 2012 WRX STI sedan, also in blue plasma pearl.  I am now a Subaru Buyer for Life and would recommend to anyone to purchase an STI or WRX.


Juan Trejos