Author: Colt Treasure

I have always been a truck, luxury car or muscle car kind of guy. A Subaru was never on my radar to own - ever. I, along with many others, had the idea that a Subaru was for the hippie tree lovers or for the kids that dumped every last dollar into their supped up WRX. That all changed when 2 things came about - 1. I bought my wife a Subaru and 2. I started working for Young Subaru.

We just had a new baby and my wife wanted an SUV that was safe, good in the snow and could fit all the baby stuff she carries around everywhere we go. I reached out to Mike at Young Subaru and wanted to test drive an Acura MDX - my wife was in love. Upon arriving at the dealership, the car was sold. My wife was devastated. Her sights were set on that car. Mike suggested we test drive a Subaru Tribeca that they had on the lot. A sales guy, Lee Jordan, pulled it up and my wife scowled at the vehicle. It wasn't the car she was there for. We went on a test drive and she didn't mind it, but wasn't sold. After doing research on it later that night and looking at the pictures of it over and over again we went back the next day, drove it again and ended up buying it. She was starting to fall in love. 7 months later - she never wants to drive anything but a Subaru again!

After buying her car and doing all the research on Subaru's I was very impressed by these vehicles. One thing led to another and I ended up getting a job at Young Subaru doing sales. After the extensive training that Subaru puts you through to know these vehicles inside and out, and spending every day with them, I wouldn't trust putting my wife and 8 month old child in any other vehicle! We will be lifelong Subie lovers and she has mentioned multiple times she will stick with a Subaru until the day she dies.

Wanting to find out why we are lifelong Subaru people? Come into Young Subaru and talk to me about it today!