Author: Clayton Sunley

I have been selling new cars at Young Subaru for over 30 months now. I love these cars..... Well, my fiance and I have finally pulled the trigger on a 2015 Subaru Outback Premium with the Eyesight/BSD&RCTA/Power lift-gate package (Option 14). The Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert has got be one of my favorite features of this new car!!! 


Our boys asked for Race Car Red, and so we supplied them with the Venitian Red Pearl, which we felt was a classic color. Our black cloth seats are great for keeping the stains from appearing too much. Our front seats are heated and will sure help during those cold Spring morning that we have coming up. Winter will be even easier with the heated exterior side mirrors and the windshield de-icer. This is part of what Subaru calls the "All Weather Package". Our 1998 Outback (which I now commute to work with) also has this package but after 262,xxx miles of driving, that new Outback seems like a Cadillac with its smooth ride and quiet interior. The boys have even more backseat space with an extra 4 inches of shoulder room. The new Outback gives a total of  57.3 inches in the rear and an even bigger 58.1 inches of shoulder room in the front seats!!!


On the way to a class in Murray, UT from our dealership in South Ogden, the Outback has averaged 35.6 MPG. This is not the mileage that the EPA rates it for (25 city and 33 highway) but we sure aren't complaining. Getting better than what the EPA estimates is always a nice thing! We have experienced all kinds of roads while out and about in our new car. The gravel and pitted roads that are sometimes found in west Weber and Davis country can be a bit jarring at times, but the new 2015 Outback handles them with ease. The other fantastic part of this car is the storage space. While looking to build a few raised garden beds, we had to bring home some 12' planks of fresh redwood from our local supply store. While the hatchback was unable to fully close, the power lift-gate was able to mostly close and apply a bit of pressure to the planks and prevent them from sliding out. I was pleased with the 60/40 split rear seats that allowed these slices of wood to go forward all the way to the back of the driver's seat and still allow our 2 boys to sit next the the wood and each in a seat belt!


While it may sound like sunshine and rainbows, there are a few things I do regret about the new car. Purchasing a little bit more equipment like the Limited trim level with memory seating may happen in the future. While the standard power driver's seat makes changing position quite easy, I would love to have the seat move automatically to where I am most comfortable. As my fiance is 5' 4" and I am 6' 2", the difference is large. Ha. I also with that the radio had a bit more clarity, but there isn't much that the car can do to help this situation. Driving through Riverdale, it seems that all cars have a slight issue with radio reception.


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