We've all had those moments when we should have been paying more attention to the road.  With those instances in mind, Subaru created EyeSight - a driver assist system available in many current models.  This system provides a second set of eyes to foster safe driving. Two stereocameras positioned on top of the windscreen of the vehicle allow the capture of three-dimensional images. These images enable the system to recognize potentially unsafe driving situations and prompt the driver to take action by providing audible and visual warnings when it senses a possible collision.  Employing automatic braking intervention to help avoid or decrease the severity of detected frontal accidents is just the beginning.  EyeSight offers all of the following features to give you peace of mind while driving your Subaru:


Pre-Collision Brake Assist

Pre-Collision Brake Assist recognizes imminent frontal impact, forewarns, and aids the driver by applying full braking power when it detects an emergency-braking situation.  It first offers an audible and visual warning; then a warning brake; a second, hard warning brake; and, eventually, completely stops the vehicle.


Pre-Collision Throttle Management

Pre-Collision Throttle Management limits engine output in circumstances where objects the vehicle is likely to impact are sensed in front of the vehicle.  This helps prevent injury and frontal impact damage if the driver inadvertently accelerates when an object directly in front of the car is recognized by EyeSight.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control not only maintains a set speed chosen by the driver, but also helps maintain a set distance from the car in front by using braking and monitoring technologies and regulating the vehicle's speed accordingly. There are three different distances (based on time and speed) to choose from.


Lane Sway & Departure Warning

Lane Sway & Departure sounds a warning when it recognizes swaying within a lane, or when it identifies the potential for the vehicle to accidentally move out of its lane.

Lead Vehicle Start Alert

Lead Vehicle Start Alert notifies the driver when the vehicle in front is moving again after being stopped. This lets the driver know that the traffic ahead is moving again if their vehicle does not start moving.

EyeSight isn't a substitute for driver attentiveness, but together the two will work wonders for your safety and driver confidence.