Start Your Adventure - Subaru Outback First Adventure

We got the Subaru Outback wrapped and ready to go for its first adventure!  Our first stop was the city of Burley Idaho.  While in Burley we stopped at our sister store Bonanza Motors.  They help us get some of our awesome used chrysler, jeep, dodge, chysler, gmc, and buick cars trucks and suvs.  After a quick stop in Burely we made the quick drive past Twin Falls Idaho up to Boise Idaho. 

Boise Idaho is a happening town and during our stay they had a free concert series in their down town area.  As we walked through the streets you could see that this was Subaru country.  Boise was filled with students at the university and a large population of laid back people.  After a good meal and some rest, we got back on the road in the Subaru Outback the next morning.  

The drive from Boise Idaho to Mt. Hood Oregon is an incredible drive filled with trees, trees, and even more trees.  After roughly 5 hours of driving Hood came into view.  The freeway skirts along the columbia river where there are hundreds of wind surfers catching the morning wind off of the oregon plains.  


To get to the place where we were going to stay we had to drive on the east side of Mount Hood.  This drive was incredible.  Being in the shadows of that great mountain you could see it tower over the ancient forests.  Occasionally there would be a small orchard where you could stop and get some locally grown fruit.  after nearly 8 hours we finally made it to Mt Hood.  

The hiking around Mt hood is amazing because it is so varied.  You can explore the deep forests or get up into the higher elevation and escape all vegetation and go skiing in august.  Again another perfect place for a Subaru.

The next day we packed up our things in to the back of the Subaru Outback and headed to Portland Oregon.  Portland is an interesting place and is a pretty unique city.  Surrounded by forests and cut in half by the river the city is a gorgeous city.  We pulled our bikes down off of our bike rack and decided that it was time for a bike ride around the city.  This was one of the best parts of our Young Subaru Start Your Adventure Road Trip.  The best part of pedaling around the city was crossing the enormous bridges on the dedicated bike paths and enjoying the morning breeze.  


Like in the other locations we only stayed in portland for a night.  In the morning it was off to Cannon Beach.  If you have never been to Cannon Beach than you have never lived.  This little city on the coast of Oregon was probably the most beautiful and impressive stop on our Road trip in the Subi.  We walked around and took in the lovely sights and sounds.  After that we got a bite to eat at one of the local sandwich shops and decided to take another bike ride along the coast line.  The beauty of the Oregon coast is unmatched.  It is the perfect place to get lost in your new Subaru.  


From Cannon beach we drove another 45 minutes north to Astoria.  Just out of Astoria which pitched our tent in a campground near the ocean and went out and explored Gooy land!  Yep Astoria is where they filmed the Goodies.  This city was another amazing city and reminded us of an Alaska type city.  Gorgeous and filled with trees and fishermen.  After eating at a wonderful restaurant right on the mouth of the Columbia we headed for camp to get some rest for our long drive in the morning. 

Astoria Column

Around 4 am we woke up and rolled into the Outback for a long 9 hour drive to Coure de lene Idaho.  The drive there was just as amazing as the drive coming into the oregon coast.  As we wound through Washington state we enjoyed the smooth transmission of the Subaru Outback and the amazing handeling it provides.  Also with satellite radio we always had a clear signal to our favorite station.  I really cant get enough of this new Subaru of ours.  


Once we arrived in Coure, de Lene we found our hotel and decided to go for a walk down town to stretch our legs. The city is a quante little city nestled near this huge lake.  In the morning we took the bikes out and road around the lake and took in the different views of the lake and its different inlets.  After the bike ride we couldn't resist the water any more and decided to rent a kayak and paddle out to the golf course.  The water was amazing!  After paddling for about an hour we made it to the floating green.  The golf course is pretty impressive, but the more impressive part were the cliffs that you could jump from just across the inlet from the golf course.  We spent the rest of the day swimming and cliff jumping before paddling back to shore.  


After a weeks worth of road tripping it came to the final 11 hour drive back to Ogden Utah.  Eleven hours is a long time to spend in any car, but in the Subaru Outback I knew I could handle whatever the road conditions threw at me!  Thank Young Subaru for killer car.  We drove far enough that we are going to need one of their signature oil changes to make sure the Outback keeps in tip top shape!  Riverdale Road and Wall in Ogden Utah just north of Salt Lake City.  Also give Young Subaru a call if you are looking for your new Subaru Outback or Subaru Impreza.  


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